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Welcome to my website.

I specialise in just a few counselling subjects. Bereavement, Depression and Anxiety (including Panic Attacks) are my main subjects. Unlike other counsellors who will listen to your problems on any and every subject, I choose to specialise in a few fields, because with these I know I can make a difference to your life. I will not waste your hard earned money.
Many counselling problems are based on anxiety or depression, if you have any doubts, call me.

Recognising you have a problem is a big step. The next hardest is picking up the phone and asking for help. Don’t be concerned, I am here to help you.

These are the most difficult steps in improving your life.
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Anxiety and Panick Attack

Anxiety affects many of us. It impacts us that we will avoid doing something because it prays on our mind and prevent us from moving forward ...


We all experience bereavement of someone close. It impacts some of us more than others. I have been a bereavement counsellor for ...


Depression does not affect us alone, it impacts our partner, family, friends and frequently our colleagues at work. Our family may ...


Loss is a broad term covering bereavement and grief. It can also cover redundancy, or from a divorce or separation ...

Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is about lack of personal worth it is about the way you feel about yourself. It usually visible as depression ...


Daily lives are full of stress, and we would probably not function well without any stress but too much will impact us and our family ...

Will you benefit from Counselling?

The path to understanding and resolving your problems is not always straightforward. It is a journey that may take you a few weeks or perhaps months. It is a journey where I can help you come to terms with your life so that you feel less troubled. I do not have a magic wand to make your troubles go away, but the ability to help you understand what is concerning you and to help lift the cloud that has been enveloping you.

Being a member of the BACP, I have completed many training courses to stay abreast of my subject.