Counselling Therapy

Do you need Counselling?

​​Perhaps you are finding it difficult to lead a normal life?  Do you feel life is impossible at the moment? Sometimes we become stuck and can’t see a way forward.  We cannot sleep, eat properly or carry out a simple task like getting ready to go to work.  If you recognise any of these symptoms then maybe you need to talk about them and counselling could be the answer. 

Words that may bring you to the conclusion are the 4 D's ..... Despondancy, Desolation, Despair, Distress.

What is Counselling?

Counselling therapy provides a confidential and safe environment that allows you to talk about our life, your feelings and your problems. It offers you the opportunity to talk to a trained specialist who has an empathic approach and will be non-judgemental in their dealings with you.

Counselling therapists are trained in many ways and have different approaches (or therapies they may use). Some may focus on your childhood, others on the here and now. When deciding on an appropriate counsellor, it can be useful to understand the different therapies they may use. Do not be afraid to ask.    
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The role of family and friends in Counselling

bereaved woman mourning her husband
Sometimes you feel the need yourself, other times it isnt so obvious. 

Frequently it is family and close friends that see the need for counselling. The impact upon them can be considerable.  Depression and Stress can be obvious to them. Symptoms would be
  • irritable
  • short temper
  • miserable
  • mood swings
  • lack of appetite
  • drinking/smoking more than usual
  • crying
  • lacking motivation for things that make you happy.
There are many more, see the symptoms sections in the Anxiety, Depression and Stress pages.