Pet Bereavement


The relationship we have with our animals is immense. They provide us with company and comfort, they reduce our stress, can impact our health and moods.

The bond we have with our animal(s) is huge and important to us. We know that we are likely to outlive our pet. Even so, the loss can be deep. It doesn’t have to be a cat or dog, the relationship with a large or small animal can be deep too. If you are single, then you will feel the loss more greatly as there is now no companion to welcome you when you come home

I have that understanding of what it is like to endure this type of loss. I am qualified in pet bereavement, and can help you come to terms with the impact on your life and loss of a close friend. ​
Many of us struggle with our emotions when someone close to us dies. Whether it is a spouse, parent, sibling or offspring we sometimes experience painful emotions. Naturally we feel grief at the time of the death, but other emotions may arise over the following 12 or 18 months. There is no time limit, no set pattern, distressing emotions (such as anger, and guilt) may occur through not being able to come to terms with the loss.

We all know our parents will die before us, but it can still be a shock, or feeling that we never said goodbye or told them how we feel. We expect to lose our partner or someone close that we love may die one day, but when it comes unexpectedly it is more of a shock. Similarly, we expect our children to outlive us, and coping with their death or any sudden death can be a challenge. ​​
bereaved woman mourning her husband
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