What is Depression 

Depression is a state of mind in that everything appears in a negative light. It is more than a mental issue, it can be caused by an underactive thyroid or prescription drugs or many other reasons.

Depression help

Depression is something that affects many of us at one time or another. Depression can be short duration or last a long time.

Not only does it bring us down it can be a huge burden on those close to us particularly our partner or our family. It is likely that they will spot the symptoms of depression before we realise what is happening to us. 

Depression could impact our work. Signs of depression will be noticed by our work colleagues and our friends who will see us as negative and may gradually avoid us. When depressed we will do less socialising, but we cannot avoid work. Most of us cannot afford to lose our job.

We need help to overcome our depression.

Depression Symptoms

Signs of Depression include:

Depression Treatment

The treatment for depression is likely to take two avenues - presciption drugs and counselling.

I would expect you to see your GP and it is likely that he/she will prescribe anti-depressants for you. Anti-depressants do not always agree with us, and it may be necessary for you to change the presciption drug. Your GP will work with you on this.

This is one part, but drugs alone are unlikely to solve the root cause of your problem. This is where you need Depression Counselling.
Our aim is to return you to a normal life. Depression treatment is a process, we would aim to reduce the severity of your depression, though it may still occur, but at a level where you are able to recognise it and cope with it. 
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Depression Counselling

The way to help overcome depression is through Counselling. Here we talk about your depression, why or when it starts and what happens to you when you are depressed. Helping you understand the impact it has on others.

Depression counselling will take the form of sessions where we talk through the problem. I will give you homework, things to think about over the next week. The process is two of us working together to help you.
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Depression Therapy

If you have symptoms of depression, give me a call, we can talk about your depression and the impact it has on you.  We can set-up an exploratory session to start the process. I have been through these issues many times and can help you.    

Types of depression

There are a number of recognisable types of depression beyond the general form of feeling down. I cover all of these except Bipolar and Manic depression.

Postnatal depression

Quite common in the first two months after childbirth.

Manic depression

Severe high's and low's. Nowadays manic depression is referred to as Bipolar Disorder. See below


If you have this you will be experiencing extreme high's and low's. You really need your doctor to refer you to a psychologist. I do not cover Bipolar

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) 

This is quite common, as the winter draws in and it gets dark earlier you may become more miserable. Talking through your problems can help. Light boxes can also help you.


Also called Loss. This can be loss of a loved one (see Bereavement), loss of a job (Redundancy), separation and more.

Causes of depression

There are many causes of depression. This section gives you an understanding of some of the types of cause.

Health related

Illnesses such as diabetes, under active thyroid, events that change your life-style (even temprorarily) such as broken leg, heart problems.

Social and Work

A change of your life-style such as moving and being cut-off from friends and family, moving to a new job and not enjoying it. 

Life events

Probably the most common. Events such as bereavement, divorce, separation, redundancy.

Self worth 

If you suffer from low self-esteem or low self-confidence, it is easy to slip into depression.


Traumas of various types, being bullied, abuse, unstable family, drug use by parents, and more.