Depression, Self Esteem & Redundancy


Low Self Esteem / Self Confidence

Depression is something that affects many of us at one time or another. Depression can be short lived or last a long time. Not only does it bring us down it can be a huge burden on those close to us particularly our partner or our family. It could impact our work and our colleagues who will see us as negative and may gradually avoid us. 
Symptoms of depression include continually being tired, lack of concentration, poor sleep, being irritable, pessimism, etc.
I normally advise talking to your GP as well as me. Your GP will be able to assess whether some form of medication (such as anti-depressants) could benefit you while we undertake the counselling work.  When you are in counselling with me we will look at your symptoms of depression and put them in context, then move forward

It may appear that these two are interchangeable Indeed there are a lot of common traits. Esteem is about how you see your own worth whereas confidence is about ones’ ability to achieve. Having low self esteem can hold you back socially, low self confidence is likely to impact you more at work and will hold you back from reaching your full potential. Resolving your issues which doubt your self confidence or self esteem is necessary to lead a fuller life.


Redundancy and the effect is has on people is another subject in which I am well versed. This can be difficult to live with, in terms of loss. And is seen as grief (loss of job), stress or depression. I can help you with your emotions and coming  to terms with your life.
bereaved woman mourning her husband
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