Self Esteem & Redundancy


Redundancy and leaving a job unexpectedly can be a painful experience. Over the years I have seen a lot from management, HR and employee viewpoint.

It is a loss (loss of job). Grieving usually occurs.

It may also trigger thoughts of self-esteem and self confidence. Depression and Stress often occur.

Impending redundancy or thoughts about losing ones job trigger the same emptions. 

Overall the thought and impact are quite complex. Please call me, I understand the situation well.  I can help you with your emotions and coming  to terms with your life.

Low Self Esteem / Self Confidence

It may appear that these two are interchangeable Indeed there are a lot of common traits. Esteem is about how you see your own worth whereas confidence is about ones’ ability to achieve. Having low self esteem can hold you back socially, low self confidence is likely to impact you more at work and will hold you back from reaching your full potential. Resolving your issues which doubt your self confidence or self esteem is necessary to lead a fuller life.
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Symptoms of low self-esteem

  • Not liking yourself
  • Not feeling good enough
  • Blaming yourself unnecessarily
  • Thinking no-one likes you
  • No being forward with your viewpoint
  • Feeling inadequate in social situations  
  • (feeling inadequate at work is self-confidence)
bereaved woman mourning her husband
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