What will happen at counselling?

What happens in Counselling Sessions

woman less anxious
In counselling there is no magic answer to your problems.  You are not going to make a miraculous recovery overnight. There is no magic pill to change your life. 

What we will do is talk about your problems and gradually explore them. Here my experience of whic approach therapy comes in. We may look at the scale of your depression or anxiety or explore the stages of grief. My counselling approaches are discussed  here .

At our first session we will set out what you hope to achieve. 

Following our first session, we will plan a series of session. Each session will last for 50 minutes. We will probably do these weekly, though if you are suffering badly we could do them more frequently.
depression is lifting

A gradual improvement

Over the course of a few weeks, I would expect a gradual improvement. It wont be overnight. From time-to-time you may make big steps forward and life will become a little easier. At other times you may feel progress is slow.

You will notice the improvements in yourself, your friends and family may notice.

I can’t say I have seen it all, because I haven’t but I do have many years of experience and training that helps me provide counselling services.

I have worked with many people young, middle-aged and old, there is no magic formula to the work as emotions may vary from loss and frustration through to anger or total despair. ​We will work through your emotions and try to give some explanation to them.